Reservations can be made at any time but latest 2 hours prior to our next opening ( 2023.04.02 ).

Your reservation will be valid to claim within the first hour of our opening. The booth will be available for others if you did not arrive on time.

You may reserve a table by contacting Coco through Discord: Enhasa#1319.
Reservations are free.

Experience the exotic charm of Thavnair at Coco's Oasis, where every detail is designed to transport you to a peaceful escape.

Savor the flavors of our gourmet menu served in the comfort of your private booth with attentive table service, or relax with a drink from our bar. Let the soothing sounds of our relaxing music, streamed live on twitch during our hours of operation, add to the serenity.

Arrive in style with our complimentary carriage rides and enjoy a romantic dinner or a well-deserved break from the world. Immerse yourself in the essence of Thavnairian culture and book your visit to Coco's Oasis now.

Winner of Oasis's 2023 valentines photo contest ♥
Stricty SFW venue
The Oasis is a fully SFW venue, which means we do not tolerate public messages promoting anything NSFW. See the full SFW rulelist here.

Use GPose at your own risk!
Housing items are regularly placed and removed during opening times. This has been known to intermittently kick users out of GPose without any warning.

House rules

  • Hide your weapon
  • Dismiss your minion
  • Do not use Shout or Yell chat. These are reserved for employees.

Search Info status rules
Looking to Meld Materia status is reserved for employees.
Looking for Party status is reserved for employees with specific services.

Roleplaying rules

Coco's Oasis is an immersive roleplaying-focused venue and you are expected to not try to break the immersion. Double parentheses is generally used to indicate out-of-character messages.

Example: ((brb, house is on fire))

Private Booths
You will be provided your very own private booth to enjoy your night in peace (given we have one free).
It is also possible to reserve a booth beforehand by contacting us.

You may of course share a booth with someone, so long as they consent.
Table Service
We will come and take your order while you're seated. Take your time to browse the menu first if you'd wish so.
Pay by Tab
Upfront payment is not neccessary in the restaurant.
Order as much as you like and pay the tab in the end. We keep track of your tab.

Carriage Ride
10,000 gil / ride
Want to make your evening that little bit more special? Book our transport service to the Oasis and arrive in style to your special night!

The ride begins from where you arrive when you teleport to the ward and takes roughly a minute to reach the venue. Contact Enhasa#1319 to book beforehand.
300,000 gil / commission
100,000 gil / extra person

Each commission includes two angles.

We offer photography services in our private rooms.

Contact Enhasa#1319 to book beforehand or message Rotta at the venue.
Check out our photographer's portfolio here.

You are free to use gpose at any time but there is always a risk of getting kicked out due to the bug with housing editor. Commissioning a picture will ensure that this cannot happen.


Coco Shev'rin
  • Owner
  • Chef

  • More about Coco

    Sahiba of the Oasis. A happy Viera from the outskirts of Thavnair with a great interest in botanic wonders and culinary arts.

    Strixxi Aluco
  • Bartender

  • More about Strixxi

    A mischievous mage from the courts of Ul'Dah. You'll find her brewing cocktails at the bar with that same magic touch!

    Strixx's RP page
    Rotta Touille
  • Receptionist
  • Photographer

  • More about Rotta

    A shy, book-loving Viera. During work hours you can find him welcoming guests at the reception, roaming or taking pictures around the venue with a contagious smile.

    Livia Nightbelt
  • Waitress

  • More about Livia

    This little Miqo'Te from the lineage of the Keepers of the Moon seems shy and reserved at first, but once you get to know her, you quickly realize that she'll do almost anything for people she's grown fond of.

    Vastra Avaswyn
  • Receptionist

  • More about Vastra

    Lominsan born and raised at sea, her father took her on voyages to Radz-at-Han from a young age. After trying to find the city's delights closer to home, she found the Oasis.

    Nessie Bun
  • Receptionist
  • Waitress
  • Bartender
  • More about Nessie

    While appearing socially inept, extremely clumsy and completely aloof to her surroundings; Nessie is surprisingly proficient at what she does, as long as she is able to focus solely on her current task. Graduated top of her class at a prestigious retainer school, her skills are near limitless.

    Sokhatai Dazkar
  • Waitress

  • More about Sokhatai

    Apparently a pretty viera from the far east. Shy and lacking in confidence around strangers, however she warms up quickly when meeting new people. She fled home when young to see the world, now finding herself at the Oasis for her love of getting to know people and being of service.

    Welgar Shev'rin
  • Bard

  • More about Welgar

    Primal Warrior of Eruyt village at the foothills of the Skatay Range, she came as an envoy of her tribe to Eorzea. Tasked with learning from foreign lands and acting as a bridge between two worlds, she ventured out to explore what lies beyond the forests she calls home. As fierce as she is with the axe, she also learned to play the harp at a young age.

    Roweena Nightpawn
  • Waitress

  • Yasha Sinn
  • Waitress

  • More about Yasha

    An exile from the jungles of Golmore she came to Limsa at a very young age, and survived by joining a shady gang of rogues. Learning the ways of the Lominsan people she adopted a rather relaxed and joking personality. One day in Gridanaia seeing a lost looking Viera, she tried talking to her, following her in to a strange house she hadn't seen before, she stumbled her way in to the Oasis.

    Siouxsie Sioux
  • Waitress
  • Bartender

  • More about Siouxsie

    A cheerful young noblewoman from Ishgard who's curiosity often gets the best of her. Although she can't figure out why, her Elezen father sent her out into the world under the guidance of Strixxi Aluco. Could it really be her embarrassingly short ears that cause her to be shunned in the holy city-state? Good thing she doesn't have to feel short next to her newfound lalafell friend, who introduced her to the Oasis, so this sheltered but compassionate 'Elezen' too can feel at home with people of all walks of life.

    Y'zora Luciscaelum
  • Waitress